Manchester Race Results

July 14, 2012

Distance: 5.8 miles
Conditions: fog, threatening thunderstorm, winds calm, some tidal chop
Race delayed 1 hour; shortened due to conditions

Place OverallNameClassTimePlace in class
1Peter Hirtle / Christy Mills2X-OW MX43:451
2Theresa and Jeff Knakal2X-OW MX43:532
3Susan Kinne / KC Dietz2X-OW W45:361
4Peter TurcanHPK M47:281
5Theresa Batty / Rainer Storb2X-OW MX44:26*3
6Adrian Storb1X-OWIII M50:051
7Vern Heikkila, Janet Heikkila, Jeff Wong,
Casey Harwood, Bernie Blocker, Marty Sitton
OC6 MX50:241
8Doug PeeleFSK M50:241
9Callie and Chris Johnston2X-OW MX50:494
10Michael LampiPedal55:291
11Brook Swanson1X-OWII M56:311
12Herbie Weisse1X-OWIII M56:342
13Michael Wood / Don RiceSK2 M56:471
14Carrie Weisse1X-OWII W58:171
15Shane BakerOC1 M58:211
16Tom CartmillSK M1:01:271
17Jack FlemingSK M1:02:272
18Jon HarwoodSK M1:04:433
19Paul HirshHPK M1:05:232
20Lisa SwansonOC-1 W1:07:361
21Deb NatelsonHPK W1:10:20*1

* Time adjusted by 5 minutes for assisting a capsized racer