Jetty Island Race Results

April 24, 2010

Distance: 6.5 miles; Conditions: Cold, Strong S/SW wind, wild ride

Due to rough conditions many competitors went to the aid of other participants, and the times below may not reflect the time spent giving assistance.

Place overallNameTimeGenderClassPlace in classBoat
1Tyler Peterson53.24M1X-OWIII1Maas 24
2Joost Zeegers53.39MHPK1Twogood Mako
3Jason Cross57.25MHPK2Mako
4Rob O'Brian & Theresa Batty58.34MX2X1~
5Shaun Koos & Jim Bauer1.03.11MOC21Huki
6Peter Hirtle & Karen Hart1.04.50MX2X-OW1Maas 2X
7Greg Bawden1.06.37MHPK3Huki S1-R
8Mike Hammer1.06.49MOC11Hurricane
9Traci Cole1.07.36WHPK1Think Evo
10Brent Couvrette1.07.37MHPK4Epic V10L
11Dan Baharav & Eric Mead1.09.16MSK21Looksha Double L
12Jeff Wong & Debbie Natelson1.09.17MXSK21~
13David Couvrette1.09.25MFSK1Mariner
14Bill Armstrong1.10.16M1X-OWII1Maas Aero
15Jim Schulz1.10.43MHPK5Think Evo
16Kirk Christensen1.14.29MHPK6Huki S1-X (took the long course)
17Brice Howard1.16.25M1X-OWII2Oxford Shell
18John Heater1.18.14M1X-OWIII2Maas 24
19Steve Wells1.18.34M1X-OWIII3Maas 24
20Chris and Judi Johnston1.20.06MX2X-OW2Little River 24
21Howard Lee1.26.50M1X-OWIII4Maas 24 (assisted other competitor)
DNCJohn Holtman27.15M1X-OWII~Bay 21 (turned back at first turn)
DNCHerb Weisse31.36M1X-OWIII~Pienert Dolphin (turned back at first turn)
DNCCarrie Weisse31.59W1X-OWII~Maas Aero (turned back at first turn)
DNCSteve Bennet1.00.03MFSK~Current Designs Extreme (missed turn buoy)
DNCJeff Clark1.27.24MFSK~Necky (missed turn buoy)
DNFWilliam Jessen~MFSK~Seal (capsized and rescued)
DNFVadim Kin~MFSK~Mariner II (capsized and rescued)
DNSJohn Alberti & John Robinson~M2X-OW~(did not launch)
DNSMichael Lampi~MPedal~(took great pictures but did not race)