Budd Inlet

Olympia WA, September 19, 2015

Distance: 7.6 nautical miles (should have been 7NM, but buoy placement was a bit off). Conditions: building winds to 12kt from SW. Rough conditions for the rowers.

Place OverallNameTimeClassPlace in Class
1Olympia Area Rowing Jr M 8+0:57:51JrM 8x+1
2Evan Jacobs and Tyler Peterson1:03:15M 2x-OW1
3Olympia Area Rowing Jr M 4x1:04:28JrM 4x 1
4Olympia Area Rowing Jr M 4x+1:04:30JrM 4x+1
5Rainer, Adrian, Theresa, Tom1:07:43Mx 4x OW1
6Olympia Area Rowing Jr W 8+1:08:35JrW 8+1
7Vancouver Lake Crew Jr W 4x1:11:20JrW 4x1
8Olympia Area Rowing Jr Mx 8+1:11:47JrMx 8+1
9Mark Ripley1:13:40M 1x1
10Bob Maki and Richard Ramsey1:13:59M 2x1
11Peter Hirtle1:17:07M 1x2
12Olympia Area Rowing Jr W 4x+1:17:20JrW 4x+1
13Jim Schulz1:17:53M HPK1
14Leslie and Angus Brodie1:21:06Mx 2x1
15Laurie Aardal and Geoff Briggs1:26:11Mx OC-21
16Vancouver Lake Crew Jr W 8+1:27:30JrW 8+2
17Skip Johnson and Kim George1:29:40Mx OC-22
18Rod Sternagel1:30:25M 1x-OWIII1
19Michael Lampi1:31:45M Pedal1
20Scott Sawyer and Elizabeth Booth1:33:19Mx 2x2
21Scott Price1:33:30M HPK2
22Martin Withington1:33:36M FSK1
23Andy Michaels and Paul Hirsh1:34:31M OC-21
24Jay Way1:39:11M FSK2
25Greg Borches and Steve Winnett1:45:01M 2x-OW2
26Shane Baker1:45:59M V11
27Tom Cartmill1:50:12M SK1
28Steve Swanson1:52:01M SK2
29Riley O'Brien1:59:22M 1x-OWII1
DNFAnn and Steve Wade-Mx 2x
DNFOlympia Area Rowing W 4+ W 4+
DNFVancouver Lake Crew JrM 4x JrM 4x
DNFVancouver Lake Crew JrM 4+ JrM 4+

Complete Excel spreadsheet of all Budd Inlet results from 1998-on.