Budd Inlet

Olympia WA, September 15, 2012

Distance: 7 nautical miles. Conditions: Calm seas, gentle breeze. Outgoing tide.

Place OverallNameTimeClassPlace in ClassClass Course Record
1Oregon Rowing United:Kristy Aserlind, Emily Calle, Jeannette Brink, Kraig Kuntz,
Ginny Anderson, Nancy Moore, Todd Conger,Alex Smith, Karen Tobin (cox)
0:55:33Mx 8x+1x
2Evan Jacobs0:58:58M 1x-OWIII1 
3Peter Turcan, Ludo Tatos0:58:59M HPK21x
4Don Kiesling0:59:35M HPK1 
5Peter Hirtle1:00:29M 1x1 
6Rainer and Adrian Storb1:01:05M 2x1 
7Vancouver Lake Crew: Matt Haisch, Brady Schmitt, Tuck Wilcox, Sean Sowul,
Corinna Niebur, Oliver Niebur, Katherine Borchers, Katey Hickey, Andrew Nevitt
1:03:38JrMx 8+1 
8Shaun Koos1:04:00M HPK2 
9Emily Garlich, Leslie Brodie1:04:06W 2x1 
10Juraj Osusky1:04:57M HPK3 
11Stephen and Ann Wade1:05:10Mx 2x1 
12Oliver Brown1:06:31M 1x-OWIII2 
13Susan Kinne1:07:22W 1x-OWIII1 
14Olympia Area Rowing: Joan Cullen, Elizabeth Booth, Kathy Emory, Lisa Iverson1:08:35W 4x1 
15Charley Kanieski1:09:10M 1x-OWIII3 
16Dean Patrick1:10:21M HPK4 
17Paul Crivell1:10:59M HPK5 
18Doug Peele1:12:54M FSK1 
19Terence Quong1:13:49M OC11 
20Michael Lampi1:17:11M Pedal1 
21Ernie Wong1:17:28M OC12 
22Jeff Wong1:17:32M FSK2 
23Olympia Area Rowing: Zoe Vandergrift, Carol Riley, Mary G, Patty May, Myron Toyoma (cox)1:18:21W 4+1 
24Frank Gentile1:18:41M 1x-OWII1 
25Daniel Prince1:19:38M OC13 
26Samantha Ritchie1:19:52W 1x-OW11 
27Patrick Hwang1:23:24M OC13 
28Tom Cartmill1:25:24M SK1 
29Jim Harwood1:27:55M SK2 
30Aldo Lunghi1:29:15M 1x-OWII2 
31Brandon Pritchard1:32:17M FSK3 
32Vadim Kin1:41:48M Paracanoe1x

Complete Excel spreadsheet of all Budd Inlet results from 1998-on.