Budd Inlet

Olympia WA, September 17, 2011

Distance: 7 nautical miles. Conditions: Rain early, moderate SW wind, choppy water especially north of the Olympia Shoal marker.

The race had 1 flight of 22 boats. Olympia Area Rowing and Vancouver Lake RC held a separate head race on flatter waters for two junior eights and a junior double, plus a masters quad, double and single.

Place OverallNameTimeClassPlace in Class
1Peter Turcan, Juraj Osusky0:59:52M HPK21*
2Richard Ramsey, Bob Maki1:00:12M 2x1
3Peter Hirtle, Christy Mills1:01:53Mx 2x OW1*
4Tyler Peterson1:05:05M 1x OWII1
5Theresa Batty, Rob O'Brien1:09:45Mx 2x OW2
6Michael Walsh1:13:12M 1x OWIII1
7"ELE PAIO": Vern Heikkila, Bernie Baker, Keith Lile, Jeff Wong, Sherri Cassuto, Janet Heikkila1:13:49Mx OC61
8Bill Jaquette1:15:24M 1x OWIII2
9Chris Johnston, Callie Johnston1:15:48Mx 2x OW3
10Charley Kanieski1:16:25M 1x OWIII3
11Rainer Straka1:17:38M 1x OWIII4
12Michael Lampi1:18:21M Pedal1
13Ben Stevens1:19:18M 1x OWIII5
14Kim Boggs, Linda Gromko1:19:28M 2x OW1*
15Doug Peele1:20:53M FSK1
16Neil Bransfield1:21:07M SK1
17Daniel Prince1:27:33M OC11
18Karol Osusky1:31:16M SK2
19Eric Zocher1:33:14M SK3
20Jon Harwood1:33:29M SK4
21Debbie Natelson1:35:44W HPK1
22Dan Shier1:39:45M 1x-OWI1
* New course record for class

Complete Excel spreadsheet of all Budd Inlet results from 1998-on.