Sound Rowers 8 mile Great Cross Sound Challenge from Alki Beach to Bainbridge Island and back, on August 25, 2018. Directed by Jeff Knakal, photos by Michael Lampi
P8251578 P8251579 P8251580 P8251581 P8251582
P8251583 P8251584 P8251585 P8251587 P8251588
P8251589 P8251590 P8251591 P8251593 P8251594
P8251595 P8251596 P8251597 P8251599 P8251600
P8251601 P8251602 P8251603 P8251604 P8251605
P8251606 P8251607 P8251608 P8251609 P8251610
P8251611 P8251613 P8251614 P8251615 P8251616
P8251617 P8251618 P8251619 P8251620 P8251621
P8251622 P8251623 P8251624 P8251625 P8251626
P8251627 P8251628 P8251630 P8251632 P8251635
P8251638 P8251639 P8251641 P8251642 P8251643
P8251645 P8251647 P8251649 P8251650 P8251651
P8251654 P8251655 P8251660 P8251661 P8251666
P8251667 P8251668 P8251669 P8251671 P8251672
P8251674 P8251676 P8251679 P8251680 P8251685
P8251687 P8251689 P8251691 P8251692 P8251694
P8251696 P8251699 P8251701 P8251703 P8251705
P8251708 P8251709 P8251710 P8251712 P8251713
P8251714 P8251716 P8251718 P8251720 P8251721
P8251722 P8251724 P8251726 P8251727 P8251728
P8251729 P8251731 P8251734 P8251735 P8251737
P8251739 P8251740 P8251743 P8251744 P8251746
P8251748 P8251749 P8251751 P8251752 P8251753
P8251754 P8251755 P8251756 P8251757 P8251758
P8251762 P8251764 P8251765 P8251766 P8251771
P8251772 P8251775 P8251777 P8251779 P8251780
P8251784 P8251786 P8251787 P8251788 P8251792
P8251793 P8251795 P8251796 P8251798 P8251802
P8251805 P8251806 P8251807 P8251810 P8251811
P8251813 P8251820 P8251823 P8251824 P8251825
P8251827 P8251830 P8251832 P8251833 P8251834
P8251836 P8251837 P8251838 P8251839 P8251841
P8251843 P8251844 P8251845 P8251849 P8251850
P8251852 P8251853 P8251854 P8251856 P8251857
P8251858 P8251859 P8251860 P8251863 P8251865
P8251868 P8251870 P8251871 P8251874 P8251875
P8251876 P8251878 P8251880 P8251883 P8251885
P8251886 P8251887 P8251888 P8251890 P8251892
P8251894 P8251895 P8251896 P8251897 P8251898
P8251899 P8251903 P8251906 P8251909 P8251911
P8251913 P8251916 P8251917 P8251918 P8251920
P8251921 P8251923 P8251924 P8251925 P8251926
P8251927 P8251928 P8251931 P8251933 P8251934
P8251944 P8251946 P8251948 P8251950 P8251951
P8251952 P8251953 P8251954 P8251956 P8251958
P8251960 P8251962 P8251963 P8251964 P8251965
P8251966 P8251967 P8251969 P8251970 P8251971
P8251972 P8251975 P8251976 P8251978 P8251979
P8251980 P8251981 P8251983 P8251984 P8251988
P8251989 P8251991 P8251995 P8251996 P8251997
P8251999 P8252000 P8252001 P8252003 P8252009
P8252011 P8252013 P8252015 P8252016 P8252017
P8252020 P8252021 P8252022 P8252023 P8252025
P8252026 P8252028 P8252029 P8252030 P8252032
P8252033 P8252034 P8252037 P8252038 P8252039
P8252040 P8252042 P8252043 P8252044 P8252046
P8252051 P8252052 P8252053 P8252054 P8252056
P8252057 P8252058 P8252059 P8252061 P8252063
P8252064 P8252066 P8252068 P8252069 P8252070
P8252071 P8252072 P8252073 P8252074 P8252075
P8252076 P8252077 P8252078 P8252083 P8252084
P8252085 P8252086 P8252089 P8252091 P8252092
P8252094 P8252095 P8252096 P8252097 P8252098
P8252100 P8252101 P8252104 P8252106 P8252108
P8252110 P8252111 P8252112 P8252113 P8252114
P8252115 P8252120 P8252122 P8252123 P8252127
P8252128 P8252130 P8252132 P8252133 P8252135
P8252139 P8252141 P8252143 P8252146 P8252147
P8252148 P8252150 P8252151 P8252153 P8252154
P8252155 P8252156 P8252157 P8252158 P8252159
P8252160 P8252161 P8252162 P8252163 P8252164
P8252165 P8252166 P8252167 P8252168 P8252169
P8252170 P8252171 P8252172 P8252173 Route  Photographer's course