Sound Rowers 2.5 and 8 mile races on Budd Inlet on 9/15/2018. Directed by Jeff Wong, photos by Michael Lampi
P9153268 P9153269 P9153270 P9153271
P9153272 P9153273 P9153274 P9153275
P9153276 P9153277 P9153278 P9153279
P9153280 P9153281 P9153282 P9153283
P9153284 P9153285 P9153286 P9153287
P9153288 P9153289 P9153290 P9153291
P9153292 P9153293 P9153294 P9153295
P9153296 P9153297 P9153298 P9153299
P9153300 P9153301 P9153302 P9153303
P9153304 P9153305 P9153306 P9153307
P9153308 P9153309 P9153310 P9153311
P9153312 P9153313 P9153314 P9153315
P9153316 P9153317 P9153319 P9153321
P9153322 P9153324 P9153325 P9153326
P9153327 P9153328 P9153331 P9153332
P9153334 P9153335 P9153336 P9153337
P9153339 P9153340 P9153341 P9153342
P9153343 P9153344 P9153345 P9153346
P9153347 P9153348 P9153349 P9153350
P9153351 P9153353 P9153356 P9153357
P9153358 P9153359 P9153360 P9153361
P9153362 P9153363 P9153365 P9153367
P9153368 P9153369 P9153370 P9153372
P9153373 P9153374 P9153375 P9153377
P9153378 P9153379 P9153381 P9153382
P9153384 P9153386 P9153387 P9153388
P9153389 P9153391 P9153392 P9153393
P9153395 P9153397 P9153398 P9153399
P9153400 P9153401 P9153402 P9153405
P9153407 P9153410 P9153412 P9153413
P9153414 P9153415 P9153416 P9153417
P9153418 P9153419 P9153420 P9153421
P9153423 P9153425 P9153428 P9153431
P9153435 P9153436 P9153437 P9153439
P9153441 P9153442 P9153443 P9153444
P9153445 P9153446 P9153447 P9153449
P9153450 P9153451 P9153454 P9153455
P9153456 P9153457 P9153459 P9153461
P9153462 P9153464 P9153466 P9153468
P9153469 P9153470 P9153471 P9153473
P9153474 P9153475 P9153476 P9153477
P9153478 P9153481 P9153482 P9153483
P9153484 P9153485 P9153487 P9153488
P9153489 P9153490 P9153491 P9153494
P9153497 P9153498 P9153500 P9153502
P9153504 P9153505 P9153507 P9153508
P9153509 P9153511 P9153512 P9153516
P9153517 P9153518 P9153520 P9153521
P9153523 P9153525 P9153526 P9153527
P9153528 P9153529 P9153530 P9153531
P9153532 P9153533 P9153534 P9153535
P9153537 P9153539 P9153540 P9153541
P9153542 P9153543 P9153544 P9153545
P9153547 P9153548 P9153549 P9153550
P9153552 P9153554 P9153556 P9153557
P9153558 P9153560 P9153561 P9153563
P9153567 P9153568 P9153570 P9153572
P9153573 P9153574 P9153575 P9153576
P9153577 P9153578 P9153579 P9153588
P9153589 P9153590 P9153591 P9153594
P9153597 P9153599 P9153602 P9153603
P9153604 P9153606 P9153607 P9153608
P9153609 P9153610 P9153613 P9153614
P9153615 P9153618 P9153620 P9153621
P9153622 P9153624 P9153625 P9153626
P9153627 P9153629 P9153630 P9153631
P9153633 P9153635 P9153637 P9153640
P9153642 P9153643 P9153644 P9153645
P9153646 P9153647 P9153648 P9153649
P9153651 P9153652 P9153654 P9153656
P9153658 P9153660 P9153662 P9153665
P9153666 P9153669 P9153670 P9153671
P9153672 P9153675 P9153678 P9153679
P9153680 P9153681 P9153682 P9153683
P9153685 P9153686 P9153687 P9153688
P9153689 P9153690 P9153695 P9153698
P9153699 P9153700 P9153702 P9153706
P9153707 P9153708 P9153709 P9153712
P9153714 P9153716 P9153718 P9153719
P9153720 P9153722 P9153725 P9153727
P9153729 P9153731 P9153732 P9153733
P9153734 P9153736 P9153738 P9153740
P9153741 P9153743 P9153745 P9153748
P9153749 P9153750 P9153751 P9153752
P9153753 P9153754 P9153757 P9153758
P9153759 P9153760 P9153761 P9153762
P9153763 P9153764 P9153765 P9153766
P9153767 P9153768 P9153769 P9153770
P9153771 P9153772 P9153775 P9153777
P9153778 P9153779 P9153781 P9153783
P9153784 P9153785 P9153786 P9153787
P9153788 P9153791 P9153792 P9153795
P9153796 P9153797 P9153800 P9153801
P9153802 P9153803 P9153805 P9153806
P9153807 P9153808 P9153809 P9153810
P9153811 P9153812 P9153813 P9153814
P9153815 P9153816 P9153817 P9153818
P9153819 P9153821 P9153822 P9153823
P9153824 P9153826 P9153827 P9153829
P9153830 P9153831 P9153832 P9153833
P9153834 P9153835 P9153836 P9153837
P9153838 P9153839 P9153840 P9153841
P9153842 P9153844 P9153845 P9153846
P9153847 P9153848 P9153849 P9153850
P9153851 P9153852 P9153855 P9153856
P9153857 P9153858 P9153859 P9153860
P9153861 P9153862 P9153863 P9153864
P9153865 P9153866 P9153867 P9153868
P9153869 P9153870 P9153871 P9153872
P9153873 P9153874 P9153875 P9153876
P9153877 P9153878 P9153879 P9153880
P9153881 P9153882 P9153883 P9153884
P9153886 P9153887 P9153888 P9153889
P9153890 P9153891 P9153892 P9153893
P9153894 P9153895 P9153896 P9153897
P9153898 P9153899 P9153900 P9153901
P9153902 STATS-Budd  Photographer's course and stats